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LASE 3000D Series Featured

The high performance 3D laser scanners from the product range of the LASE 3000D Series are based on the components of a 2D laser scanner and a swiveling platform which is powered by a servo-drive. A high resolution encoder on the servo-drive measures the angle of rotation of the platform and by linkage of the 2D laser data with the Encoder data, high precision 3D profile measurements are produced.

For the terms of operation, the modular LASE CEWS Application software is beeing used. With this, lots of applications for a huge variety of industries can be solved by employing the LASE 3000D Series:

  • Measurement of length, width, height, level and location of objects or environments
  • Positioning of objects
  • Container recognition / measurement in the port
  • Support of crane open-loop controls by goods detection
  • Profile measurement
  • Object protection & building automation
  • Bulk measurement in terms of profile and volume in open cut minings or conveyor belts
Movie: LASE 3000D-S-13x Series