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LASE 1000T Series

LASE 1000T sensors are distance meters for contactless distance and thickness measurements - even under harsh environment conditions.

The distance sensors of the LASE 1000T series are optical measuring instruments, which work according to the triangulation principle. This procedure ensures highest accuracies micron-precise (µm range).

The sensors are preferably used for the contactless distance and thickness/width measurement whereby the sensor produces a visible laser point on an object. This point is reflected to a high resolution CCD lines camera and from the position of the exposed point on the CCD line, the distance to the object will be computed. By the Green-Line Series, the procedure permits an accuracy of up to ± 0,01 mm depending its measuring range. The range on natural surfaces amounts to max. 4000 mm. The sensors have an inserted automatic regulation for the light intensity and obtain unsurpassed measuring characteristics.

LASE 1000T sensors are compact units which optical elements are closely integrated with the electronic components in a durable steel housing. The sensors do not contain mobile parts and are ideally suited for the work in heavy-industrial environments.

The LASE 1000T Black-Line Series offers smaller measuring ranges, but with even higher accuracies!

The complete LASE 1000T product series is used, where precision demands are below 1 mm, e.g. at thickness measurements or quality controls:

  • Measurement of length, width, height, level and situation of objects and environments
  • Positioning of machine parts
  • Quality control of paper-, steal- or aluminum coils
  • Measurement of slab widths and thicknesses
  • Measuring of liquid levels and firm materials
  • Position determination of glowing objects in furnaces
  • Measurement and regulation of activity slack

For measurements on hot surfaces or glowing objects special HT-Versions are also available, which are able to measure on target objects with temperatures up to 2000°C. Specific protection housings with cooling or air cleaning units or other components are also available within the LASE 1000T product series. Further information about the Black-Line, Green-Line or Grey-Line editions can be gathered in the download area.