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LaseWVI - Waste Volume Incinerator

Bunker filling level and profile measurement in waste incineration plants: The system by LASE gives high dynamic feedback of the filling level to the control system.

System features:

  • Optimal charging and debris mining in the storage area
  • Exact illustration of the mound profile
  • Large range (80 m)
  • Several crane installations can be equipped in parallel
  • Multi-shelf-life
  • Rugged construction type

Short description:

A 2D-laser scanner is attached to the portal of the crane and the data from the laser scanner is supplied to a LASE Control Unit (LCU). A 2-dimensional profile of the bunker is built up by the laser scanner and in connection with the position of the crane a three-dimensional profile of the bunker will be generated. The bunker is divided into fields similar to a chessboard and the measuring system then provides the min., max. or average value of the height in each chessboard field. It is also possible that several crane installations in the same bunker can also work together whereby each crane is equipped with a laser scanner.

In total the software can accommodate up to 4 bunkers and it is also possible to implicate a Bunker-Management software for the organisation of waste bunkers. Furthermore an additional collision avoidance system is also available in order to contribute to decreased risks of crane failure while (automated) operation and improved safety for personnel and equipment.

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