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LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard

The system is working during the crane operation: It functions as the extension of the driver's eye.

System features:

  • For automatic crane systems
  • Automatic slab handling
  • Slab width measurement
  • Determines the number of slabs in the storage field
  • Coupling of the laser scanners via Profibus or Ethernet
  • Conjunction to the LVS via Ethernet

Short description :

The measurement system LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard consists of two laser scanners attached to the crane trolley. The laser scanners measure across beam and along the slab which hang on the magnet. The pick up and setting down position of the slabs is determined (cooperating with the warehouse-system - LVS) and also the widths and number of slabs are recorded. A safe acquisition of single slabs is also possible. The data from the laser scanners is processed by a LASE Control Unit (LCU) and passed on by Ethernet to the supervisory stock control management system. Due to this measurement system an automatic operation of the yard is guaranteed.

Watch our product video for further information in the embedded YouTube player. In case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...

Movie: LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard