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LaseSPF - Slab Positioning Furnace

Slab position recognition measurement on the roller table in front of the furnace: The LASE Control Unit (LCU) receives reliable and approx. real-time position data of the slabs.

System features:

  • Fast and precise slab position recognition
  • Approximate real-time position data
  • Absolute measurement
  • Robust measuring technology
  • Simple installation

Short description:

With the measurement system LaseSPF - Slab Positioning Furnace slabs can be positioned precisely before they are pushed into the furnace. The laser system (typ. 3 pieces) scan an area of 140 mm above the roller table top edge. If slabs are within the scanned area, their position is detected via measurements of their front and side. The raw data from the laser scanners – like distances and angles – are transferred to a LASE Control Unit. There the measured data will be evaluated and generates compressed information for slab head and slab foot position. With this information the roller table control can position the slab precisely.

Movie: LaseSPF - Slab Positioning Furnace