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LaseCPY - Coil Profiling Yard

Coil position and -dimension measurement in the yard: Our system is the eye of the control system and can provide the exact position information of the coils.

System features:

  • Exact positioning of coils and pits
  • Measurement of coil dimension
  • Damage-Free coil handling
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading in the yard
  • Robust measuring technology

Short description:
Depending on the coil dimensions and the general environment the measurement system LaseCPY - Coil Profiling Yard can consist of up to four LASE 2000D laser scanners, which are installed on the crane girder and a LASE Control Unit (LCU) for the evaluation of laser measuring data. On this unit the yard profile in its Y and Z-axis and an additional distance measurement for the crane position (X-axis) will be realized by a LASE 1000D laser scanner. Consequently a three-dimensional image of the yard is generated during the crane drive in order that positions of all coils in their X, Y and Z-direction are sent to the crane PLC and transmitted to the warehouse management system.
By means of this coil position data the warehouse management system generates information about the driving schedule for the automatic crane, the coil width and coil dimension.