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LaseCPW - Coil Positioning Wagons

Full automatic coil loading and unloading control with position recognition of coils and shallow pits on railway wagons: LASE offers a solution for gentle coli handling.

System features:

  • Precise position recognition of coils and shallow pits
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading of wagons or trailers
  • Gentle coil handling
  • Robust measuring technique
  • Simple installation
  • Further application: Automatic slab handling

Short description:
The complete measurement system, named LaseCPW - Coil Positioning Wagons, consists of a laser scanner measuring the scenery on the wagons in their Y and Z-axis, a laser distance meter determining the crane position (X-axis) and a LASE Control Unit (LCU) for the evaluation of the laser measuring data. The laser scanner was mounted on the crane in a distance of 4m to the centre of the railway track. Now a 3-dimensional image of the scenery on the wagons implies out of the raw data.

The coil positions are determined by a measuring drive before unloading. The crane moves over the entire incoming train with a constant speed of 0.5 m/s. Meanwhile the raw data of the laser systems are read in by the LCU. At the end of the measuring drive the determination of the coil positions starts, whereby the data are extracted by filters in advance. The measurement result (positions of all coils in X, Y and Z-direction) is sent to the crane PLC and this one forwards the position data to the warehouse management system. By means of the coil position data the warehouse management system generates the driving job for the automatic crane afterwards.

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Movie: LaseCPW - Coil Positioning Wagons