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LaseCPT - Coil Positioning Trailer

Automatic coil loading and unloading with a laser position system on the storage yard.

System features:

  • Automatic coil admission and deposition
  • Precise coil position and circumferential measurement
  • Shallow pit measurement
  • Simply expandable
  • Profibus Interface

Short description:
The measurement system LaseCPT - Coil Positioning Trailer consists of a LASE 2000D Laser Scanner and LASE Control Unit (LCU) for the evaluation of the laser data. The components are installed on the crane and additionally the distance data submitted by a Laser Distance Meter are applied for the crane and trolley drive. With this data a 3-dimensional image of the scenery on the trailer is produced. The results of the coil position and circumferential measurement are transmitted via Profibus Interface to the supervisory crane PLC host.