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LaseSPM - Slab Profile Measurement

Slab width and side profile measurement for hot and cold slabs: In this case triangulation-laser scanners by LASE are applied.

System features:

  • Calculation of max., min. and average width of the slabs
  • Slab contour measurement
  • Correction of oblique positions
  • Calculation of wedge shape and saber shape
  • Calculating a virtual Rectangle for space optimization in the furnace

Short description:
The LaseSPM slab width and profile measurement system consists of two LASE 2000T triangulation-laser scanners which are mounted on both sides of the roll table.
The measurement system scales at the long edges of the slabs andy knowing the distance between both systems and the measured data, the slab width and the profile can be calculated. The evaluation takes place in a LASE Control Unit (LCU).
The slabs can also be driven through the measurement system diagonally because the software compensates oblique positions automatically. In addition, the shape (wedge shape and saber shape) of slabs can also be determined. Triangulation-laser scanners of the LASE 2000T-series are used here which also can measure hot slabs accurate to the millimetre.

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Movie: LaseSPM - Slab Profile Measurement