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LaseHDM - Heavy-Plate Dimension Measurement

Contactless slab and heavy plate dimension 3D-measurement system: The system provided by LASE calculates the length, width, height, location as well as the edge dimension.

System features:

  • Measurement of length, width and height of slabs and heavy plates
  • Measurement data function as  input information for an ultrasonic examination system
  • High accuracy
  • Complex calibration functions are realized in the software

Short description

By using the measurement system LaseHDM - Heavy-Plate Dimension Measurement the slabs or heavy plates are placed automatically by crane onto the measuring table (measuring table length = 24m). After the deposition the measuring robot (on which four laser scanners out of the LASE 3000D-Series are installed) is moving over the objects (slabs or heavy plates).

The measurement data from the laser scanners are combined with the position data from an encoder (robots longitudinal position) in order that a 3D image of the objects on the measuring table can be generated.
Then the LASE measuring system calculates the length, width, height, the edges and location of the objects. These information can be used by the ultrasonic examination system to position and move the ultrasonic measuring head accurately over the object.