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LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention Featured

The application LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention ensures a lifting prevention of truck-trailers during the hoist process caused by locked twistlocks.

This intelligent and innovative solution is built to avoid severe accidents during truck unloading by defectice or locked twistlock latches. The measurement system by LASE is applied for RTG, RMG and ARMG cranes and prevents that trucks/trailers are lifted into the air.

Sometimes it might occur that truck-trailers are lifted up by the crane hoist when one or more twistlocks are still locked or not completely loosened. In order to prevent such accidents a system is required to detect the lifting of the trailer early enough. The measurement system consists of one or two LASE 2000D laser scanners which are mounted at the gantry of the crane with vertical scan planes aligned towards the truck lane. The scanner(s) track the objects and compare the position of the lifted container and the trailer structure. In case that both objects (container & trailer) move upwards due to one or more locked twistlocks, the system generates an immediate alarm signal to stop the hoist movement before any damage or injury can occur.

Furthermore the system is both very sensitive (reacts fast in case of lifting) and it eliminates false alarms - these benefits make it to a reliable and highly accepted system by the port operators.

Customer Benefits & Features:

  • High system realibility without false alarms
  • Applicable for all truck-trailer types
  • Accurate position measurement between both objects (trailer and container)
  • Prevention of severe accidents
  • Time-efficient process optimisation
  • Damage avoidance at container and chassis
  • Less wear
  • Easily adaptable also for retrofitting


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Video: LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention