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LaseAYC - Automatic Yard Crane

The application LaseAYC - Automatic Yard Crane is built to ensure a fully automated container handling in ASC stacking yards and supports semi-automatic truck handling in transfer areas.

System features and benefits:

  • Container position and skew measurement for accurate picking and stacking
  • Collision free lowering of spreader/load into the slot
  • Collision prevention during traveling with trolley in operation and adjacent bays
  • Gentle container handling by soft landings and less spreader wear
  • Stack verifi cation (to align stack database with present layout)
  • High precision measurement system
  • Position measurement of trucks / trailers / AGVs and containers in transfer areas
  • Applicable for ASCs (aRMGs) and aRTGs

Short description:

The measurement system consists of two 3D laser scanners from the LASE 3000D-Series. Both 3D-Units are installed at a distance of approximately 2,9 metres on the trolley of an automatic stacking crane in order to measure containers, trailers or AGVs threedimensionally.
This measurement system for automated container handling and the operation in ASC yards can be divided into four functions. Firstly it recognises the top edges of the container in order to perform highly accurate pick-and-drop tasks for the landing of loaded or empty spreaders. Then it also detects misplaced containers within the clearance zone.
Furthermore it is able to detect the gap between two twentyfoot containers on terminal chassis before the pick-up operation. Recently the application LaseAYC undertakes a position verification after dropping a container in its cell.

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