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LaseAVP - Automatic Vehicle Positioning

The LaseAVP -Automatic Positioning Vehicle- measurement system is designed for STS-Crane operations for an efficient workflow in container handling while loading and unloading operations of vessels.

Short description:

A 3D laser scanner from the LASE 3000D-C2-11x Series is mounted at the portal girder centrally above the lanes, whose projected scan plane detects AGVs in the chosen operation lane. When an AGV drives to the crane position the laser-based measurement system verifi es, if an AGV is present at this position or not.
In for example semi-automatic operations, an AGV receives a position where it has to drive to carry or fetch a container (or two 20ft containers in twin-mode operation). After arriving, the crane PLC triggers the LASE system to verify the exact position and to calculate the skew of a free slot or load on the AGV. For the further process of loading or unloading the system measures, if the AGV stands in a centric position under the crane trolley. The values for a centric position have a specifi c tolerance range and allow non-stop loading operations.

The application is able to position AGVs for all common container types, e.g. 20ft, 40ft and 45ft and is also applicable for twin-mode spreader operations under STS-Cranes.


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Video: LaseAVP - Automatic Vehicle Positioning