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LaseLCPS-STS - Load Collision Prevention System -STS

The solution LaseLCPS-STS - Load Collision Prevention System -STS is designed to ensure a collision prevention between load and container on the vessel. The use of robust and state-of-the-art laser technology has the objective to diminish the risk of accidents while STS spreader operations as well as leads to a reduction of material wear (spreader, container) through soft landings.

Customer Benefits & Features:

  • 2D and/or 3D container profiling
  • Detection of ship longitudinal displacement
  • Cell guide detection for fast approach
  • Collision prevention between spreader and container stacks on vessels
  • Adjacent object detection of catwalks, ship cranes etc.
  • Gentle container handling through soft landings
  • Stack topography verification
  • Less spreader wear and noise reduction
  • Driver assistance

Short description:

This measurement system consists of two LASE 2000D laser scanners (3D version with LASE 3000D laser scanners) which are mounted under the trolley. The specific software application collects the scan data, does all necessary calculations and sends the results to the PLC.
The laser scanners look downwards with a scan plane across two bays. When the trolley starts driving over the vessel, the measurement system generates a 2D-profile of the stacks within the bays. Additionally the spreader is in the view of the scanners. By comparing the actual load position (spreader with/without container) with the profile of the stacks a collision prevention is ensured.

The LaseLCPS-STS measurement system is primarily designed for STS crane operations and serves both to increase the safety and an efficient workflow in container handling

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Video: LaseLCPS-STS-3D - Load Collision Prevention System -STS-2D