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LaseLCPS-2D - Load Collision Prevention System -2D

This two-dimensional application LaseLCPS-2D - Load Collision Prevention System is a measurement system which works with two 2D laser scanners which are mounted under the trolley. The measurement system is applicable for topography detection and collision prevention at RTGs, RMGs or STS cranes.

Customer Benefits & Features:

  • Applicable for RMGs, RTGs and STS
  • Collision prevention monitoring
  • Gentle container handling through soft landings
  • Less spreader wear and noise reduction
  • Topography imaging
  • Path optimization
  • Elimination of crane downtimes

Short description:

The application software collects the scan data, performs all needed calculations and sends the results to the PLC of the machine. For the collision prevention function the distance between the outer edges of the spreader/container combination and the outer edges of the containers in the stack (profile) will be calculated for each incoming scan. If the distance becomes too small, the LaseSCP application generates a warning message to the PLC. The topography of the stacks is also measured permanently. Due to these received topographical information time- and path- optimized driving cycles can be calculated for further crane movements.

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Video: LaseLCPS-2D - Load Collision Prevention System -2D