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LaseBVH - Bulk Volume Heap

3D heap profile and volume measurement system for a stacker/reclaimer machine.

System features:

  • Accurate volume measurement
  • Continuous inventory
  • Base for material disposal
  • Simple installation
  • Low investment costs
  • Quality assurance /-improvement
  • Process optimisation
  • Documentation
  • Base for process automation

Short description:

Depending on the size of the heap, one or more 3D-laser scanners are installed on a unit (Stacker/Reclaimer) for the realisation. The scanner is „looking“ above from the unit on the heap and scans the heap profile. In connection with the position of the unit a 3-dimensional heap profile will be developed and compared to a so called „0-profile“ which was taken during the commissioning . In all later operations the current 3D-image of the heap is going to be charged with this „0-profile“. Out of the obtained data the LASE CEWS application software calculates the profile and the volume of the heap precisely.

Watch our product video for further information in the embedded YouTube player. In case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...

Video: LaseBVH - Bulk Volume Heap