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LaseBVB - Bulk Volume Bunker

Measurements of profiles and volumes of bulk material are a typical job for our laser technology: LASE also establishes systems for heavy industry environments. 

System features:

  • Exact volume measurement
  • Continuous inventory
  • Planning base
  • Simple installation
  • Low investment costs
  • Quality covering and –improvement
  • Process optimization
  • Documentation
  • Basis for process automation

Short description:

For this measurement system LaseBVB - Bulk Volume Bunker the laser scanners are centrally installed on the cranes's bridge girder above the conveyor belt and the data are processed to the LASE-Control Unit (LCU). A 2-dimensional profile of the bunker will be recorded and in connection with the crane position a 3-dimensional image of the whole bunker profile will be developed and compared to a so called „zero-profile“ which was created on the empty conveyor during the commissioning.

In this case the bunker is divided into fields analogical to a chessboard and subsequently the current filling level (Min., Max., Mean) of each single field will be transferred to the process control system now. It is also possible that several crane systems can operate in the same bunker where on each crane a particular laser scanner will be installed. Furthermore it is feasible to apply up to four bunkers inside the software.

Watch our product video for further information in the embedded YouTube player. In case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...

Video: LaseBVB - Bulk Volume Bunker