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LaseBTL - Bulk Train Loading-station

Contactless velocity measurement and interior profile measurement of a waggons for a train loading station.

System features:

  • Train velocity measurement
  • Interior profile measurement for the detection of empty waggons
  • Fill level measurement after the loading
  • Exact train positioning

Short description:

The measurement system LaseBTL - Bulk Train Loading-station consists of six LASE 2000D laser scanners and a LASE Control Unit (LCU).  At each side two laser scanners ( at the front and behind the train loading station) are situated besides the rail and measure the side wall of the waggons and the tractor in a horizontal level. Thereby the train position and velocity is determined. A further laser scanner is centrally installed in front of the loading station above the rails and measures the interior profile in order to check the emptiness of the waggons . Another laser scanner is located behind the loading station to measure each fill level.

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Animation - LaseBTL