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LaseRCD - Rail Car Dumper

Published in Mining Logistics

The application LaseRCD (Rail Car Dumper) ensures a contactless detection of foreign objects and a reliable emptiness control for rotary rail car dumper stations (or so called "wagon tipplers", rail wagon unloaders). This application uses 3D laser measurmeent technology with high accuracy, even under rugged conditions.

System features and benefits:

  • Determination of foreign objects on top of the material in wagons
  • Emptiness control after unloading process
  • Applicable for single or multiple dumping stations (tandem, triple, quadruple)
  • Wagon position and height measurement
  • Rugged construction type
  • Reliable measurement results

Short description:

Two 3D-Laser scanners (one per wagon) are mounted above the wagons and the rail dumper. The application LaseRCD - Rotary Railcar Dumper collects the scanner data and performs all needed calculations. Before tipping the wagons, the scanners measure the surface of the bulk material inside the wagons by swiveling the scan plane from one side of the wagon to the other. After the unloading procedure the scanners are swiveling back and measure the inner surface of each waggon. In both cases foreign objects or remaining material are detected, which can be seen within the software as 3D point cloud. Thus both a safe operation and efficient unlaoding is ensured.

Watch the video to see how the system works - in case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...

LaseSTR - Slab Tracking Roller-table

Published in Steel Logistics

Continuous monitoring of material on the cold roller table in front of furnaces: The control system receives approximate real-time position information of the slabs.

System features:

  • Fast and exact slab position recognition and monitoring
  • Approximate real-time position data
  • Clear product identification – no confusion
  • Queue building – no problem
  • Further possible application: roller tables with automatic positioning
  • Robust and reliable measuring technology

Short description:
A continuous monitoring of slabs on a cold roller table is possible with the LaseSTR - Slab Tracking Roller-table measurement system. It tracks the slabs on the roller table from the placement on the roller table over the charge identification through to they are pushed into the furnace. The laser scanners are installed alongside the roller table, placed in protective housings. The measurement system can also be installed at a roller table of any length.

The laser scanners send the measured data via Ethernet Interface to our LASE Control Unit (LCU). This application software of the LCU undertakes the following tasks:

  • Measurement data reading of the scanner (distance and angle)
  • Segmentation
  • Image structure of a list with slab ID numbers as well as head and base coordinates
  • Management and notification of malfunctions
  • Communication with material scheduling via TCP/IP

Watch our product video for further information in the embedded YouTube player. In case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...