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Implementation of Truck Volume Measurement system (LaseTVM) in Nizhnekamsk, Russia

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3D laser volume measurement system for bulk materials loaded in trucks


Image: 3D laser scanner mounted above the entry of loading area / © LASE

27.07.2016 // Implementation of Truck Volume Measurement system (LaseTVM) together with Russian partner 000 Fest in the plant of Keramzit in Nizhnekamsk, Russia. Within this project not only a plain volume acquisition has been applied, but also data handling of license plates or photographs of empty trucks. For this reason the whole process is unified into one solution and helps to improve the process chain in bulk material handling.

The application LaseTVM - Truck Volume Measurement is a highly precise three-dimensional measurement system especially developed for measurements of truck loading volumes. Two 3D laser scanners from the LASE 3000D-C2-11x series are installed over the entry of the loading area and measure the volume of trucks, which drive into and out of the plant. After arriving, the trucks have to stop under this 3D measurement system in order to determine the volume of the empty trailer. After being loaded with bulk material, the trucks have to stop again under the 3D laser scanners in order to determine the fully loaded trailer as well.

It also doesn't matter if the trucks have a single or double trailer. Both volume measurements (empty and full) are forwarded to the application software LaseTVM, which operates with specific software algorithms. The differential value out of the current loading quantity and the empty profile amounts to the loading volume.  The 3D laser scanners are installed in a height of 5,50 m and in a distance of 8,00 m to each other - wide enough to cover the whole truck-trailer length with their scan planes.

Further system functionalities in this implementation are the recognition of the correct truck position within the 3D laser measurement area with light signals, data reception from license plate recognition and empty truck photographs, too. Due to system implementation in winter time, it was able to proof its robustness under rugged outdoor conditions immediately!

Image: LaseTVM software mask - truck measurement data and 3D visualisation of an empty truck / © LASE


The application has a high versatility and can be used for volume and profile measurements of all different materials - such as ore, stones, sand or even wood chips - which are transported as bulk material on trucks. It elimates faulty weight measurements by e.g. humidity within conversion (up to 20% of the volume) and can exclude weight manipulations. This highly exact laser measurement system has an accuracy of approx. 2% and ensures a comfortable resource planning for the customer.

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LaseTVM - Truck Volume Measurement

Published in Mining Logistics

The application LaseTVM-3D - Truck Volume Measurement is a highly precise three-dimensional measurement system especially developed for measurements of truck loading volumes (Image: © LASE)

Customer benefits:

  • Elimination of faulty weight measurements by humidity within conversion (up to 20% of the volume)
  • Exclusion of weight manipulations
  • Highly exact laser measuring system (accuracy ca. 2%)
  • Instant volume acquisition without conversion factors
  • Scan duration approx. 5 sec / per truck
  • Measurement data storage for simplified auditing
  • Comfortable enterprise ressource planning (ERP)
  • Remote maintenance and online support during commissioning

Short description:

In order to measure transported goods on trucks exactly, 3D laser scanners from the LASE 3000D-C2-11x series will be used in combination with the LaseTVM-Software application. The laser scanners are mounted on a Gate in 7 m height centrally above the ground. When a truck reaches the stopping area the individual loading volume can be determined. The differential value out of the current loading quantity and the empty profile amounts to the loading volume.

The application can not only be installed in combination with a traffic light system but also as GATE system or even with a kiosk system where OCR cameras capture number/license plates during registration.

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LaseRCD - Rail Car Dumper

Published in Mining Logistics

The application LaseRCD (Rail Car Dumper) ensures a contactless detection of foreign objects and a reliable emptiness control for rotary rail car dumper stations (or so called "wagon tipplers", rail wagon unloaders). This application uses 3D laser measurmeent technology with high accuracy, even under rugged conditions.

System features and benefits:

  • Determination of foreign objects on top of the material in wagons
  • Emptiness control after unloading process
  • Applicable for single or multiple dumping stations (tandem, triple, quadruple)
  • Wagon position and height measurement
  • Rugged construction type
  • Reliable measurement results

Short description:

Two 3D-Laser scanners (one per wagon) are mounted above the wagons and the rail dumper. The application LaseRCD - Rotary Railcar Dumper collects the scanner data and performs all needed calculations. Before tipping the wagons, the scanners measure the surface of the bulk material inside the wagons by swiveling the scan plane from one side of the wagon to the other. After the unloading procedure the scanners are swiveling back and measure the inner surface of each waggon. In both cases foreign objects or remaining material are detected, which can be seen within the software as 3D point cloud. Thus both a safe operation and efficient unlaoding is ensured.

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LaseWVI - Waste Volume Incinerator

Published in Waste Logistics

Bunker filling level and profile measurement in waste incineration plants: The system by LASE gives high dynamic feedback of the filling level to the control system.

System features:

  • Optimal charging and debris mining in the storage area
  • Exact illustration of the mound profile
  • Large range (80 m)
  • Several crane installations can be equipped in parallel
  • Multi-shelf-life
  • Rugged construction type

Short description:

A 2D-laser scanner is attached to the portal of the crane and the data from the laser scanner is supplied to a LASE Control Unit (LCU). A 2-dimensional profile of the bunker is built up by the laser scanner and in connection with the position of the crane a three-dimensional profile of the bunker will be generated. The bunker is divided into fields similar to a chessboard and the measuring system then provides the min., max. or average value of the height in each chessboard field. It is also possible that several crane installations in the same bunker can also work together whereby each crane is equipped with a laser scanner.

In total the software can accommodate up to 4 bunkers and it is also possible to implicate a Bunker-Management software for the organisation of waste bunkers. Furthermore an additional collision avoidance system is also available in order to contribute to decreased risks of crane failure while (automated) operation and improved safety for personnel and equipment.

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LASE 1000D Series

Published in Sensors

The sensors out of the LASE 1000D-Series measure with TOF technology (Time of flight technology) at distances of up to 1200m on reflectors and up to 155 m on natural surfaces.

The sensors transmit extremely short multiple light pulses, measure the running time of these pulses to the object and back and also computes the distance. The measuring data will be send serially over a RS 232/RS 422 interface as well as a programmable analog 4-20 mA output. Further two switching outputs are on board which can be configured in logic and band width. As a third interface PROFIBUS DP is also available.

The distance meters out of the LASE 1000D-Series are also equipped with a microprocessor control. Thus high accuracies can be gained as well as high-dynamic movements can be measured by a controllable averaging. Confirmed distances can be defined as threshold values which exceeding or falling below is monitored. By their very large measuring range the sensors can be used in many different industries and for a huge variety of tasks:

  • Measurement of dimensions, levels and positions of objects
  • Anti-collision
  • Crane positioning
  • Intelligent light barrier
  • Measurement of liquid levels and solid materials
  • Position determination of hot objects at furnaces

LASE 1000T Series

Published in Sensors

LASE 1000T sensors are distance meters for contactless distance and thickness measurements - even under harsh environment conditions.

The distance sensors of the LASE 1000T series are optical measuring instruments, which work according to the triangulation principle. This procedure ensures highest accuracies micron-precise (µm range).

The sensors are preferably used for the contactless distance and thickness/width measurement whereby the sensor produces a visible laser point on an object. This point is reflected to a high resolution CCD lines camera and from the position of the exposed point on the CCD line, the distance to the object will be computed. By the Green-Line Series, the procedure permits an accuracy of up to ± 0,01 mm depending its measuring range. The range on natural surfaces amounts to max. 4000 mm. The sensors have an inserted automatic regulation for the light intensity and obtain unsurpassed measuring characteristics.

LASE 1000T sensors are compact units which optical elements are closely integrated with the electronic components in a durable steel housing. The sensors do not contain mobile parts and are ideally suited for the work in heavy-industrial environments.

The LASE 1000T Black-Line Series offers smaller measuring ranges, but with even higher accuracies!

The complete LASE 1000T product series is used, where precision demands are below 1 mm, e.g. at thickness measurements or quality controls:

  • Measurement of length, width, height, level and situation of objects and environments
  • Positioning of machine parts
  • Quality control of paper-, steal- or aluminum coils
  • Measurement of slab widths and thicknesses
  • Measuring of liquid levels and firm materials
  • Position determination of glowing objects in furnaces
  • Measurement and regulation of activity slack

For measurements on hot surfaces or glowing objects special HT-Versions are also available, which are able to measure on target objects with temperatures up to 2000°C. Specific protection housings with cooling or air cleaning units or other components are also available within the LASE 1000T product series. Further information about the Black-Line, Green-Line or Grey-Line editions can be gathered in the download area.