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Laser Tracking System LTS 400

Secure your building with laser technology for indoor or outdoor: The system works with high secure detection level under any light condition, e.g. especially in darkness. 

System features:

  • Exact determination of intruding or breaking out persons
  • Targeted control of the camera – includes tracing of the persons
  • High definition pictures through distance-dependent focusing
  • Very high secure detection level
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreases required camera quantity
  • Outdoor ability (by weather measurement value filter)


The assembly places for the Tracking scanner and cameras have to be defined by reference to a common coordinate system. The components are displayed in a 2D-graphic in a X-Y coordinate system. Furthermore the Tracking Scanners can be set independently from their installation places and the camera quantity.  It must only be ensured that the cameras with their swivel area are able to perceive the complete monitoring area.

Monitoring area

The surveillance area of the Laser Scanner can be adjusted intuitively on a graphical user interface. This online illustration shows the current measuring data, the position of the laser scanner and additionally the position of the camera(s). It is also possible to fade-in a site plan into the background whereby violations of scope can be located easily and security forces can be deployed specifically.


The cameras can be controlled manually from the operating personnel as usually over the video control panel. In case of a violation of scope the camera is guided automatically by the LTS 400 System onto the object and starts tracing. By the usage of the Automatic-Off switching the operating personnel is able to resume the controlling of the camera.

By the time-controlled day/night shift the surveillance areas can easily be adapted to the most different requirements.