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People Counting Systems

Facts instead of speculations...

LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH is an expert in the field of people counting.

Customer frequencies are one of the essential factors for the success of retailers, pedestrians in cities and shopping centers.

Temporary manual countings are no more sufficient for an established assessment. As a system provider LASE PeCo compiles custom solutions in this area. The team of experienced engineers and technicians supports you starting from the planning and selection of the most useful counting devices up to the installation of the hardware and the counter data evaluation.
Mostly a prompt people counting plays an important role due to security reasons in the field of events. The current figures of the visitors have to be available immediately. People counting is also not unimaginable as marketing tool anymore. In pedestrian zones or other areas of cities reliable information about customer frequencies is provided. Single retailers or shopping centres will benefit from this system and are able to react on the basis of the counting data.
Thus you can obtain current live-data and evaluations via a personal and secure internet access from everywhere.

Visitor and customer data acquisition for the optimisation of:

  • HR planning
  • Marketing activities
  • Business site assessment
  • Range of products
  • Presentation of the articles
  • Absorption of buying power

The people counting systems deliver reliable and proper results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you are in interested in any product of LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH, then just visit the website to gather more information:

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